Are the care homes regulated or inspected by any government body and what part do social services play if any?

Yes all care homes are regulated and inspected by CQC (the Care Quality Commission). The Croft will be inspected and these visits are unannounced.  The inspector will produce a inspection report for the home and these can be viewed on the CQC website or a copy is held in the office at The Croft. Social services are responsible for assisting in the placement of clients which would include assessing a client with respect of their care needs, financial assessment for funded clients and reviewing existing clients needs on a yearly basis. Further details of our local social services are contained in our statement of purpose and service users guide available from our home.

How many staff should a home employ, how are the staffing levels decided and are the staff trained?

Staffing at the Croft is assessed a minimum of monthly to reflect current need.  Staff follow a 2 week shift rota system to ensure the home is manned 24 hours per day and 7 days per week In addition all of our staff are DBS checked and the home does not employ anyone without this check being carried out to safeguard the home and its residents. All staff receive NVQ training to meet standard expected in care, in addition all of our staff receive on site and off site training in the mandatory requirements of their job ie moving and assisting, first aid, safe handling of medicines etc. Where staff training involves staff leaving site additional staff are always brought into the home to ensure the home runs without compromising the care needs of our clients. The home realises that our staff are our greatest asset and as such we employ strict recruitment and training procedures to make sure we employ the only the most suitable employees.

How are the fees paid, who takes care of funding, do fees change depending on the room?

The fees for our home fall in line with the maximum contribution figures set by Sunderland social services. Fees can vary depending on which home you choose.  At the Croft we cater for residential and residential EMI clients, payments are made weekly by standing order.  Fee's are based on the residents care management assessment of fees in line with those set out by social services. Clients who take up residency in a double room and wish to move to a single room are placed on a waiting list ( until a room is available) to ensure a fair system of room allocation is followed. Where clients are social services funded the home will recieve payment direct from the local authority.  Clients who are self funding ( pay all their own fees) would pay the home directly. The home always encourages its residents to handle their own affairs and finances where possible, however we do recognise that in some cases finances are best handled by their family , POA / LPA or solicitor with the residents permission.

What happens with regard to the residents doctor and their medication when they take up residency in our home?

When a resident moves into the Croft we decide together the level of care and support needed to look after their medication safely, they may choose to look after their own  medication or prefer that we do, this is something we can discuss and agree.

All care homes in Sunderland have been aligned with one GP practice, this allows the homes including the Croft to have access quickly with our practice, we hold regular meetings at the home with the GP, Pharmasicits and nursing teams to ensure that the residents have excellent access to all medical services, families can attend and meet with the teams also to raise any concerns and discuss changes in need.

If you would prefer to stay with your own GP this is something that we will support you with but you may find that your GP will not allow this to happen, we can as always discuss and find solutions.

All medication will be ordered by the home and stored correctly and safely, medication is delivered directly to the home by our phamacy. 


Does the home provide any entertainment and what activities are on offer?

We currently employ 2 activities co-ordinators, who work a variety of different hours to reflect the needs of the residents, we encourage residents to take an active role in the activites that we offer, and when possible revisit hobbies and interest, we are opposite Barnes park and when the weather is good the residents who wish enjoy time in the park watching bowls, having a ice cream.

Yes our home does provide entertainment on a regular basis for everyone to participate in. Regular professional entertainers are hired to come into the home to perform all time classic songs, Al Johnson story, Elvis, sing-along-party etc. In addition the home celebrates, Christmas, New Year, Bonfire night, Halloween and Easter when staff get dressed up and the home is decorated to celebrate the occasion along with special buffets being prepared. Staff usually host a show for residents at Christmas time and a Christmas party is arranged with singers and festive games on offer. At Christmas the home enjoys visits from the bell ringers, church choir, carol singers and girl guides. Our home also enjoys the celebration of all resident's birthdays making welcome families and friends who we recognise play a huge part in our events, Christmas Fairs, Bonfire displays, Comic relief days etc to keep the residents entertained and give them a sense of occasion. Everyone has a part to play. On a more day-to-day basis the home offers bingo, dominos, craft making for parties, raffles, cards and draughts and other board games. 

We also  have a large digital tablet that allows a fabulous selction of games and activites and accommodates all levels of ability.

What things can my mum/dad bring into the home if they chose to live here?

The home recognises that it is often necessary for residents to have around them some of their personal affects to help them settle. Although all of our rooms are furnished to a high standard we do understand that some people prefer to have their own wardrobe, TV etc at hand. This can be discussed when a resident views the home . Of course all residents are welcome to bring in some ornaments and personal possessions to make them feel at home.

Other than the usual facilities, what services are available within the home?

The home has visiting services available as follows, Chiropodist, hairdresser, optician, dentist, mobile shoes, clothes parties and newspapers delivered. All these domiciliary services at provided to residents at discounted rates.

What are the visiting times that apply?

The home does not apply any restrictions to its visiting times and operate a very "open door" policy encouraging all family members or pets to be made welcome to visit. We operate a protected meal time and we ask that you observe this and do not visit over breakfast, lunch and tea to allow us to give full attention and support to the residents. The home operates security door entry system to safeguard its residents.

What meals are provided at the home and what choices of foods are given?

Our home caters for a variety of special diets and food preferences to ensure that all residents receive a well-balanced and nutritious diet. The home also ensures all those with food intolerances or allergies are carefully monitored during mealtimes. The homes menus are regularly changed and rotated to ensure that each day and week offers a variety of meals to keep mealtimes enjoyable. Although the home provides regular mealtimes for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper these are never cast in stone. Residents can have late lunch or breakfast etc to suit their needs, in a similar way if they wish to have a late night snack or sandwich we are happy to accommodate. We always want our residents to feel that this is just like being at home. Breakfast comprises of a variety of cereals, toast with jams/butter, hot and cold drinks, bacon, eggs etc and full English breakfast is available to those would like this. Lunch is a light option, soup, sandwiches, omelette's, salads etc. Evening meal is a home cooked meal with dessert, at both lunch and tea we always have two meal options. The home also provides supper on an evening with a choice of hot/cold drinks as well as morning and afternoon tea between mealtimes. Of course tea, coffee and juices are also made available for residents during the day at their request just like at home.

How may residents do you have at the home and how do they go about life within the home?

The home caters for 30 residents are both men, women and couples are welcome. Most of our residents are long term residents who have been with us for a number of years,  We are a very open home who receive visitors and family without any restriction and we encourage all of our residents to treat the Croft as their own home. We feel it is important that all of our residents continue their daily life, as far as they can, in the way they would have done if they were at home. A large part of settling and happiness for our clients involves them keeping in contact with friends and family, keeping up church visits, continuing to enjoy their day clubs and societies and we firmly believe that life does not stop when you come to live with us. In order to gain the most from life we like keep our residents mentally and socially active and this we feel is reflected in our aims and objectives within the homes. All of our residents within the Croft are encouraged to organise and participate in any event e.g. entertainment, fetes, activities. We feel this reflects in the way our residents settle and achieve a balance of happiness and contentment, they are always made to realise they are important people regarding the daily running of their home and its decision making.

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